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Welcome to the National Gerbil Society

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The National Gerbil Society (previously known as The National Mongolian Gerbil Society) is a British society for the promotion of Gerbils and Jirds as pets, and exhibition animals. Overseas members are invited. The Society was founded in 1970. All members receive a journal sent by post containing the latest gerbil news, details of shows and events, show reports, articles, reviews and information on gerbil care.

Members can exhibit at one of our shows held in various parts of Great Britain. At our shows exhibitors compete for trophies and rosettes. Most importantly our shows are fun and give our members an opportunity to meet others who keep and breed gerbils.

Click on the pages listed above for information about gerbils and the society.

The Real London Show


Bracknell Leisure Centre

Our next event will take place at the Real London Show on 3rd September at Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road RG12 9SE. The venue has plenty of free parking and there is a café is on site. Free entry to the show hall.

We have classes for Mongolian Gerbils, in all colours, and also classes for other species of Gerbils and Jirds, for example Duprasi and Shaw’s Jirds. There will be a pet Gerbil class.

Our Schedule can be found here:- Standard Schedule

As well as Gerbils, there will be a Hamster and Cavy Show. Unfortunately the Mice cannot join us this year, but will be back for next year.

Entries to Jane Turner, janeyturner6@gmail.com and the closing date for entries is 31st August. All entries will be acknowledged. For the pet Gerbil class, entries will be accepted on the day until 12 pm and will be judged by a separate judge. Judging for pets will commence at 1 pm. The judge for the main show will be Jackie Roswell.

The cost of entry is £1 for all main classes, including Other Species and 75p for pet Gerbils. There will be small prizes given out for NGS members and best Pet Gerbil. Other prizes may also be given out at the judge’s discretion.

Pet Gerbils can be shown in any suitable container, however the judge must be able to access and handle the Gerbils, as they will be judged on their tameness and condition.

Everyone is welcome!

Andover Show 11 June

Our next show will be on Saturday 11th June and is running alongside our hosts, the Southern Hamster Club.

The address for the venue is The Coronation Hall, Clanville, Andover. SP11 9HN, which is a little outside of Andover itself.

There are canteen facilities and a tombola. This is an open show, so everyone is very welcome and in addition to the main show, we have classes for pet gerbils, classes for other species. This includes Jirds, Gerbillus and Duprasi.

There will be special prizes for NGS members and plenty of rosettes. Our judge for the show will be Jane Turner and entries are £1 for the main classes and 75p for pets and other species. Entries will close on 7th June, email entries are preferred, please send to Jackie@gerbils.co.uk. If you wish to enter via post, then drop me a message, no Facebook entries please.

The schedule for the gerbil show is here. And the standards by which gerbils will be judged is here. Entries should include the colour, sex and age, and if a non-Mongolian gerbil, the species. If unsure, contact Jackie by email.

Judging will commence a little later at this show, so gerbils are to be present at 12 pm. If you have any questions, please contact me, I will be happy to help and I hope to see you there. – Jackie